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Find out what’s affecting the health of your water supply with water testing services in Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Brickell, Aventura, and the surrounding areas in South Florida.

Something people tend to take for granted is their drinking water quality. Just because it looks okay to drink does not mean that it is safe for human consumption. There are many invisible contaminants or bacteria that can lurk in your drinking water, tap water, well water, or public water supply and affect the health of those who ingest it. Water quality testing is important for your business or home water system so you can live and work safely, and get quality drinking water when it is time to hydrate. A water test is the only way to understand your water system. Water testing companies like Mold Assessment Services specialize in water quality testing and water treatment, and once a home or business owner receives the water test results, Mold Assessment Services will help you create a water quality action plan to remedy the problem if there is one. A water test can include private well water testing and water testing for lead, both of which are important for the health and safety of your drinking water quality.


Do I test my water? Mold Assessment Services water testing is available to test your water today! MAS Mold Testing and Mold Inspection in Pembroke Pines Florida - Mold Assessment Services provide expert mold testing, mold inspection, indoor air quality testing, and water testing in Pembroke Pines FL and throughout the state. 

Private well water testing and water quality testing are imperative to maintain a safe and viable water supply for your business or home water. There are so many contaminants that can creep into the water supply, and water testing for bacteria and water testing for lead are two of the biggest reasons why you might want to test water quality. Water testing companies have the proper water testing equipment to determine if contaminants, volatile organic compounds, or bacteria such as e coli, total coliform, coliform bacteria, or other bacteria nitrates are present in the water supply of your home or business, and can help you determine what to do about it after an accurate water test has been conducted. You might see a cloudy film in your water or smell a sulfur smell, and these would also be good reasons to call Mold Assessment Services for their water testing and water treatment solutions.

After we discuss any concern you have with your drinking water, well water, or tap water, we will begin our analysis to determine where we should start investigating and testing. We may survey specific areas in the property to examine odor, staining, or buildup. We may then take some water samples to assess the health of your drinking water and water supply. A water sample is important to understand the quality of your water and be able to confirm any issues so they can be corrected. Our water test analysis includes testing for the presence of a wide range of contaminants and elements including hardness, metals, iron, chemicals, lead, copper, chlorine, bacteria, total coliform, coliform bacteria, or any other contaminants. We then send these water samples to a laboratory for accurate testing. After we receive the water test results back from the laboratory, we will go over the water test results thoroughly with you to help you understand what they mean and recommend what your next steps should be.

Many times the underground water supply is harmed by total coliform such as human contaminants, and as a result, water testing is required. Common causes of water contamination can also include the improper use of fertilizers and pesticides. Water testing services can determine if there is a problem with the water quality in these cases. Additionally, underground septic systems or other underground storage tanks can leak and cause tainted water. A quality water testing company like Mold Assessment Services can conduct well water testing to make sure the drinking water is safe. Runoff from stormwater drains also can lead to contaminants in water, and in this case, water quality testing services by a reputable company like Mold Assessment Services is a good idea in the case that water treatment is necessary.

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Water testing arsenic and water testing for bacteria go hand in hand with drinking water testing, especially when the water testing is dealing with groundwater contaminants. There are so many elements that can leach into water and cause trouble for your health and your pipes. Some of the primary culprits include the following:

Private well water testing could find the presence of one or more of the above elements in your water and the water testing results can be used to remedy any contaminants or problems found. Mold Assessment Services will be with you every step of the way, with a dedicated water treatment plan if your water test analysis has positive test results for any of the above contaminants.

Mold Assessment Services is one of the professional water testing companies that use water testing equipment to make sure that your drinking water is safe. With all of the environmental and industrial hazards that can make their way into the public water supply or ground, private well water testing is imperative to test for the presence of contaminants in the ground water and make sure drinking water is safe for human consumption. As a home or business owner, drinking water testing by a professional water testing company like Mold Assessment Services will ensure that your family and employees can enjoy drinking water safely and their health is secured. Don’t trust the water that your favorite people drink to anyone else!

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