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Mold Assessment Services Consulting (MAS-Consulting) features a full lineup of mold assessment solutions, including business to business consulting services. No matter the size or type of business you own, you may face a mold issue, one that’s serious or quite severe. As mold assessment specialists, we understand the liabilities associated with commercial mold outbreaks. That’s why we’ve developed consultation services to assist our business customers and facilitate the answers and services they need to contend with a mold problem.

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Standards and Better Business Practices

NORMI Standards and Better Business Practices for Compliance and Adherence to Regulations

MAS Services offers consultation solutions for a number of mold-related fronts. From NORMI (National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors) standards to inhouse remediation issues, our solutions are always tailored to our commercial customers’ needs. We serve South Florida with mold assessment experience and expertise. Our subtropical climate provides the perfect breeding ground for mold; learning how to prevent and remediate mold problems can save your company thousands of dollars. You can rely on us to develop a defense against mold and a strategic plan for competently dealing with any outbreaks on your premises.

Mold Testing and Assessment

When you consult with MAS about a potential mold problem at your facility, we advise you to perform mold testing. Our inspectors can test for mold to determine the scope of your mold problem. Toxic mold is a liability issue that no business can afford to ignore. Mold will affect indoor air quality and can inflict thousands of dollars in property damage. If you suspect a mold problem, immediate mold testing is crucial.

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Mold Assessment Training

Mold Assessment Services - Asbestos Removal in Dade Providing asbestos testing for Asbestos Exposure, Asbestos Fibers, Asbestos Remediation

As a professional mold testing company, we can facilitate training for your business. Our mold assessment instruction services are designed to provide your front-line staff to perform their own mold assessments. We can instruct your team to conduct a mold inspection assessment. We routinely train building managers, custodial staff, contractors, and other professionals who must perform inspection services.

Indoor Air Quality

Let MAS train your team to perform indoor air quality assessments. Professional air quality testing is essential for maintaining healthy air quality. Not only can we help your team to inspect for mold; we can help them ensure optimum air quality for your interior space. As a leading mold consultant for South Florida, our indoor air quality solutions can help your business maintain its healthy environment.

Asbestos Dust Warning Testing for Air Quality

Water Testing

A mold problem can affect indoor air quality and the health of those who inhabit a property. If you have experienced water damage, plumbing leaks, or smell a musty odor, calling a mold test professional for toxic mold testing can offer peace of mind, as air testing for mold is important to determine if mold spores have spread and what type of mold is involved. Mold Assessment Services is available to help in Plantation FL and throughout the state of Florida.

Water quality testing is important for keeping your employees and customers safe. MAS offers water testing training for your team. If there’s a problem, our consultants can provide you with the help you need to develop a remediation plan that’s consistent with regulations and best practices. We can test for lead and other contaminants and provide the instruction your team needs to contend with water testing concerns.

Bacteria Testing

Like other forms of testing, MAS offers bacteria testing solutions. A negative test gives your business peace of mind, but if a test is positive for bacteria like MRSA, we can help you develop a remediation plan to contend with this dangerous issue successfully.

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MAS Consulting B2B and B2C Solutions

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MAS is a mold expert but we also specialize in other inspection services. Contact us to learn more about our consultation solutions. Let us help your business and its front-line staff contend with mold and bacteria problems should they arise.

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