What Is Involved In Water Quality Testing?

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How safe is your tap water? Finding out can take some time, effort, and money, but it’s worth doing.  In many parts of the country, people assume that the water coming into their homes is automatically safe and healthy. Unfortunately, this is not true. Especially in Miami, with some homes still using well systems wa1ter quality issues can be present and you may not even know it.  

Water tests for homes and businesses in Miami are very important to ensure that the water  is healthy and safe. Whether you have a municipal water source or a well system, ensuring the highest quality of water is imperative to the safety and health of all who use it.

Monitoring the condition of your water and testing it consistently is very important to maintain a reliable water source and eliminate the potential health risks related to water contamination. And, if there are water quality issues, it is vitally important to resolve those issues immediately. In addition to illness, a variety of less serious problems such as taste, color, odor and staining of clothes or fixtures are signs of possible water quality problems. So you can see why it is important to test your water in Miami using a reliable company like Mold Assessment Services which uses state of the art equipment and technology and guarantees its work. Because the quality of water changes from time to time, keeping up with testing is especially important.

How do you test your water?

Water Quality Testing

As you read above there are many reasons to have water quality testing performed. Although you can find DIY Water Test kits, its always best to have your water tests performed by a licensed professional water quality testing company like Mold Assessment Services

During the testing process, samples of the water are collected in predetermined areas. These water samples are carefully collected to prevent cross contamination and then sent to a lab to determine whether or not the water contains harmful bacteria, parasites and viruses that are not able to be seen just by looking at or smelling the water. These lab results can also identify the root cause of discoloration, smell, and sometimes any contamination sources like if a septic system is too close to a well.

Once the results are analyzed, Mold Assessment Services can help develop a plan of action to help fix your water quality issues and give you the peace of mind you need from your water.

For more information on Miami Water Testing company you visit your local health department to help determine exactly which tests are beneficial to each household or water source. 

These water tests all aim to determine if your water is safe to drink. Tests that look for harmful ingredients such as dissolved solids, fluoride, bacteria, nitrates, sulfates and other potentially hazardous materials can help determine the necessary remediation to restore quality.

Why Choose Mold Assessment Services?

As you will probably agree, the quality of your drinking water is probably the most important thing to keep at the top of your mind. That is why you should only trust a licensed and experienced professional water testing company to give you peace of mind your family and employees deserve. We understand that if you suspect water quality issues then time is of the essence and our 24/7 emergency teams are here to help. And, there is nothing worse than paying for a service that is supposed to be reliable only to learn later that the results were not accurate, and the price for that inaccurate test is paid with you or your family’s health. 

People who are exposed to bad water quality can suffer a great deal of damage. Children are typically more sensitive to poor water quality and those who drink “bad” water can be infected with a host of toxins, bacteria and diseases. Outside of  the many short term health effects, Long lasting effects can also include brain damage from minor to serious.

In order to protect your family and employees make sure you are monitoring the quality of water in your Miami homes and businesses. And make sure you trust your health and wellbeing to the professional water testing technician at Mold Assessment Services in Miami.  To schedule your water test or speak to a water testing professional, call us today at 305-244-7379