What Are The Symptoms Of Poor Air Quality?

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We all know that pollution is bad and can have harmful effects on our environment. It should not come as a surprise then to know that poor air quality in your home can also  have negative effects on your health and on your home itself. Here are a few symptoms you may want to take into consideration when wondering if you should get your air quality tested. 

Allergies and Frequent Illness

Seasonal allergies can make us miserable. When you allow poor quality air to linger in your home, you are allowing the allergens to affect you and potentially worsen your allergy symptoms. Itchy eyes, sniffles and runny nose, respiratory and throat irritation are all some of the symptoms you can experience when suffering from allergies. 

If you find you are constantly feeling sick, are suffering from headaches, or feel constantly drained or fatigued and simply can’t find a cause, it may be time to consider that your air quality could be causing these symptoms. Poor air quality allows germs and bacteria to make themselves at home in our environment and can greatly affect our immune systems and our respiratory systems. 

Skin Dryness And Irritation

Rashes and irritation can also be caused by poor air quality. Not ust because of the bacteria we mentioned above, but these can be triggered by allergic reactions. 


Finding mold in your home can be a shock. Did you know that your air quality could encourage the growth of mold? High humidity levels can often create enough moisture to ensure that mold can thrive in your environment. Oftentimes poor air quality can carry mold spores and other organisms that can assist in the spreading of mold as well. 


Poor air quality can cause your home to have a lot of dust, and vice versa. Dust is usually accumulated due to poor air circulation, which is a big factor when it comes to the quality of air in your home. All of the particles and organisms that are floating in the 

air- from skin cells to pet dander- are what forms dust to begin with. In general, you can nip your dust problem in the bud by addressing your air quality.

Structural Repercussions

Mold and humidity can be super destructive and affect your home from floor to ceiling. These high moisture levels and mold can eat away at your walls and floors, destroy personal belongings, warp floorboards and drywall, damage your foundation, and so much more. Chemical vapors created from cleaning products, furniture, and the resources that built the home itself are also generally found in homes with poor air quality. These chemicals can eat away at the structure of your home little by little without us noticing.


Is there a lingering odor in your home that simply won’t go away? Your air quality can be the #1 culprit. Stagnant air can create foul smells and allow unpleasant smells from food waste to bathroom odors to become more pungent and stick around due to the lack of air circulation and filtration. Mold and humid conditions also can cause musty and mildew smells that are no fun to have in the home. 

Whether you’re noticing some of these signs of poor air quality, or trying to be proactive in preserving your health and the health of your home, our professional team at Mold Assessment Services in Miami can test your air quality, and even offer 24/7 emergency response. Call us today (305) 244-7379.

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