The 7 Major Indoor Air Pollutants

Indoor Air Quality in Aventura Florida​

Indoor air quality is probably not something that you spend a lot of time thinking about, but having good indoor air quality is imperative if you want to live as healthy a life as possible. Air quality testing from a reputable company will give you the facts you need to understand your air quality, and whether or not you need an indoor air quality services for remediation. Because the health risks associated with indoor air pollutants can be difficult to deal with and arrive so quickly, getting air quality testing as soon as you suspect a problem is very important. An in-home air quality test is also a smart idea to get a good baseline and will help you to see if you need air quality remediation down the line.

Health Effects

One of the major problems caused by poor air quality is those associated with your health. There are both short term and long term health effects that come about with poor indoor air quality, and air quality inspectors can help you understand if you and your home are susceptible to these. Some of these effects include:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Flu or cold-like symptoms
  • Respiratory problems
  • Heart diseases
  • Cancer


Radon is a colorless, odorless natural gas that occurs naturally in the world. Unfortunately, when it is found in large amounts in your home, it is linked to the occurrence of lung cancer. There are many air quality testing pollutants that air quality inspectors look for, and radon is certainly one of the most dangerous.


Metal processing and the burning of lead fuels will incorporate lead into the air, and many homes built before the 1970s are filled with lead in their paint. High levels of lead can cause learning and behavior issues in children, as well as the nervous system and cardiovascular problems in adults. A reputable air quality services company will do an in home air quality test to determine if your family is at risk for lead poisoning.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is the odorless colorless gas that is created when fossil fuels are burned. Carbon monoxide is very dangerous to humans, as it disrupts the body’s ability to carry oxygen through the blood. In enclosed environments, carbon monoxide poisoning can cause death, so determining the amount of carbon monoxide in your home or office is imperative.

Mold Assessment Services - Indoor Air Quality Testing in Aventura Florida​


This extremely strong mineral is a fiber that has been used in many construction materials like roofing materials, insulation, and fire retardants. This causes the risk of lung disease and mesolothemia, and an in home air quality test is important to determine if your family is at risk from asbestos exposure.

Indoor Particulate Matter

Indoor particulate matter comes in a variety of sizes and could be anything from dirt to dust, or elements released into the air if something is burned. Repeated exposure can lead to respiratory problems, irregular heartbeats, and difficulty breathing.


Volatile Organic Compounds are given off by things like disinfectants, pesticides, air fresheners, and other aerosols. Although these products might be helping you to get a job done in your house, they also carry a price tag for extreme health problems such as kidney problems or central nervous difficulties.


Smoke from wood fires has particulate matter that can be inhaled over a long time and can cause heart problems and exacerbate asthma.  Air quality services will ensure that your family is not at risk from smoke damage, especially after a fire or other emergency.


Healthy indoor air quality is imperative for you to maintain, whether in your home or office, and the health of your coworkers and family depends on high indoor air quality. Air quality inspectors can easily determine if any of the major indoor air pollutants have infiltrated your home, and then give you an action plan to remediate them. Air quality testing is especially important if you have babies or young children around, or anyone with a compromised immune system. Breathing fresh air is something you probably take for granted, but if you have any of these air pollutants in your home, you need to remove them for improved quality of air and life.

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