Does An Indoor Air Quality Test Detect Mold?

Indoor Air Quality in Aventura Florida​

Mold is a natural fungus. It grows outside as well as inside. Its spores can be carried inside on clothing, in sacks, school supplies, or anything entering the home.

Mold spores always exist in homes. Most of those spores will die or float out of the house through circulation, but it can become toxic if there are certain conditions that promote dangerous mold growth like water damage or poor circulation. 

In certain circumstances mold can become toxic to your health and its severity can be assessed with a professional air quality test.  An experienced air quality testing company like Mold Assessment Services can determine the quality of your air and if dangerous levels of mold exist in the home or the property.

Nature of Mold

Mold requires certain elements and needs, such as warmth, moisture, and oxygen.

Mold has a unique, bitter odor that can be smelled as it grows, but sometimes there is no smell at all. By not recognizing or noticing a smell, the mold is allowed to grow which can cause expensive damage and major health issues. That is when an expert is needed. Call Mold Assessment Services for indoor air quality testing today!

Controlling Mold And Keep Home Balance

There are ways to control mold. By keeping the home’s climate in balance, the mold will not be able to survive.

First, as strange as it may seem, do not let wet clothes sit too long without drying. Intending to put clothes in the dryer later and forgetting to return to do so may cause the clothing to mold and the saturated air to encourage mold growth, especially in South Florida where the outside humidity and heat are perfect breeding grounds for mold.

Water leaks cause a lot of damage and a lot of moisture. Water leaks can happen from your roof, leaking appliances like hot water tanks, and even damaged piping. Water that has been leaking for some time and has not been discovered usually will cause mold growth and allow mold to devour walls, structures, and household furnishings. A mold testing expert testing the air quality can identify the seriousness. 

Mold testing services from a professional indoor air quality testing company in Miami like Mold Assessment Services will give some answers and suggestions on how to avoid problems in the future. 

It is worth the time and money to have your indoor air tested as well as mold testing, especially when buying or selling a home. The test will rate the air quality and let you know what needs to take pace if there are any issues that the test uncovers. 

Air needs to move. Poor ventilation can help the growth of mold and also risks health problems. Air conditioning and open windows allow air to circulate. Filters need to be kept clean. 

Mold grows rapidly. In a few days, it can invade quite a space and do much damage. It is imperative to attack mold immediately upon finding it.

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Call An Experienced Indoor Air Quality Specialists

Homeowners can make an appointment online to have a mold testing expert come out and test the air quality. When buying or selling a house, it’s wise to have mold and air quality tests. Houses are a huge investment that are worth the cost of the testing. An expert can determine the amount of mold, the quantity, and the repairs needed.